How to delete a document

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    Please note that deleting a document will only affect your copy of it – it does not affect the receiver's copy of the document. They will have no way of knowing that you have deleted the document. If you would instead like to make a modification on an already sent invoice, do not delete the document. Instead, please follow these instructions.

    Depending on the status of the documents, deleting a document is done in different ways:

    • If the document is still in Draft or in Failed, simply open it and click “Discard draft” under the document, at the bottom of the page.
    • If the document is in Pending, it is not possible to delete it. Please wait until the status is either Sent, Accepted, Rejected or Failed before you can delete it.
    • Once a document has been sent, accepted or rejected, it can be removed by following these steps:

    First, you must archive the document. You can only delete a document that has been archived first. You can do this by going in the Document Manager app, and clicking on the document number from the documents list. This will open the document viewer. Click on Options, and select “Archive document” from the appearing sidebar:

    After clicking this button, a pop-up with a confirmation message will appear and the new Archived status of the document will be displayed on the page. 

    You can then delete the document from the same page. Click on the Options button again, and select Delete document.

    Upon clicking on this, you will receive a confirmation message, as shown below: 

    Archiving a document will make it disappear from the Document Manager app, but it will still be visible when applying the “Archived” filter. Clicking “Delete” will then make the document disappear from your document list, but it will still be accessible via its URL or API.

    To view archived documents, go to the Document Manager app and click on the Apply Filter button. Choose Archived documents from the sidebar that opens:


    By applying this filter, you can view all of your archived documents. If you need to delete additional documents, please follow the same process outlined above.

    Please note that deleting a document does not mean you are voiding it from your customer’s account.

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