An email contact (manual connection) is a connection that you have created yourself for another user, meaning that you can modify their information at any moment. You also have the option of entirely removing an email contact from your network. Follow the steps below to modify or delete an email contact.

Modify an email contact

1. Open the Network app. Note that the difference between Email contacts and Connections can be seen on the “My Network” tab.

2. Click on the dotted area of the contact you wish to edit.

3. A sidebar will appear with some information about your contact.

4. Click "Edit Company". The sidebar will then change to allow you to edit the information you have about the connection.

5. Make your changes here, and save the changes with the "Save Company" button at the bottom.

Delete an email contact

1. Go to the "My Network" tab.

2. Find the contact.

3. Click on the dotted area of the contact that your wish to delete. Their details will appear on the right side of your screen.

4. Click on "Remove From My Network".