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    HSBC Group Invoice Validation Rules

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    Validation rules ensure that the vendor provides information in all the required fields. HSBC Group can then process the invoice quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary exceptions or delay. 

    Header Level Validation Rules

    • Sender Company Name, Address – your details
    • Receiver Tax number – HSBC Group Tax Number (not required for HK & DE invoices)
    • Sender Tax number – your Tax Number – Mandatory (not required for HK invoices)
    • Invoice date – no more than 10 calendar days in advance
    • Invoice number – must be unique, if an invoice is rejected by HSBC Group, when resubmitted, a new invoice number will be required. Also no special characters or blank spaces to be used and limited to 50 characters 
    • Tax total (will = 0 for HK invoices)
    • Currency – the currency must match the currency on the HSBC Group Purchase Order (not required for DE invoices)
    • Amount total – includes Tax
    • Attachment – maximum 4 attachments of 3Mb each are allowed
    • Accepted attachment types - Jpeg, Tiff, BMP, PNG, img, pdf (additionally, Excel is accepted in DE only)
    • HSBC Group PO number (5 letter and 7 digit code) is mandatory if invoice is related to PO spend - If invoice is for non PO invoice please delete the PO field 
    • A Person reference or Named contact - In case a PO number is not provided, a person reference's e-mail or named contact is required 
    • Note field (Invoice) – limited to 140 characters
    • Note field (Credit Note) – limited to 90 character
    • Payment Terms – Invoices submitted via Tradeshift will only be paid according to the payment terms setup with HSBC Group (required for CAN invoices)

    Line Level Validation Rules

    • PO line number - Mandatory if Purchase Order provided at the header level – This must state the PO line number from the corresponding PO line. E.g. if the invoice line is referencing the first PO line, put ‘1’ in here. 
    • Item ID - Not mandatory - character limit 240 characters
    • Description - Mandatory - Character limitation: 220 chars
    • Line Type - Mandatory - Only allowed values "Goods" or "Services" (not case sensitive) –this field must be added to every invoice line to ensure HSBC Group can process the invoice correctly. This must be the same as on the corresponding PO line. 
    • Unit – The unit of measure, this must match the unit of measure stated on the corresponding PO line item. 
    • Unit Price – The unit price of the item being invoiced, this must not exceed the unit price stated on the PO. 
    • Tax – Select the relevant Tax Code for the invoice line item. (not required for HK invoices)
    • Payment Details - Invoices submitted via Tradeshift will only be paid to the primary supplier bank account registered with HSBC Group. Should you require payment to an alternative bank account (e.g. where multiple bank accounts are held), the invoice must be submitted via email (can we give an address) ensuring that the invoice clearly states the bank account into which payment is to be made 
    • HSN/SAC Code - Required for India only
    • Note that for some suppliers and some items, there may be no HSN/SAC code to be quoted. In these circumstances, the HSN/SAC code needs to be quoted as ‘HSN Not Required’.

    PO Validation (not required for DE invoices)

    HSBC Group has included validation of invoices against the Purchase Orders forwarded to the supplier via Tradeshift. 
    The invoice will not pass the validation rules and WILL NOT be forwarded to HSBC Group if ANY of the following validations fail: 

    Validations Applied in Tradeshift:
    • The Purchase Order Number must exists in Tradeshift
    • The Purchase Order must be valid for the supplier raising the invoice
    • The Purchase Order cannot be closed
    • Invoice Line Unit of Measure (UOM) must be the same as the Purchase Order Line UOM
    • The Invoice Currency must be the same as the Purchase Order Currency
    • Invoice Number cannot be a duplicate.

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