1. Locate the Invoice to be credited 

Credit Notes must ALWAYS reference an invoice that exists on Tradeshift.

Search for submitted Invoices in Document Manager for which you want to create a Credit Note. 

Click document to view it. 

2. Create Credit Note

Click on Create Credit Note.

3. Credit Note for PO Invoice

DO NOT CHANGE - Invoice Number and Purchase Order numbers are automatically populated 

  • DO NOT CHANGE - Purchase Order number populated automatically
  • DO NOT CHANGE - Purchase Order line number and Invoice line number are populated 
  • Populate PO Line Number (must be the same as Purchase Order line number - as per above)

4. Credit Note for Non-PO Invoice 

  • DO NOT CHANGE - Invoice line number is pre-populated
  • For Non-PO Credit Notes, the HSBC Purchase Order field must be removed - simply click on the X
  • Both HSBC contact’s email address and HSBC Contact Name fields are mandatory

  • DO NOT CHANGE: Invoice line number is pre-populated
  •  PO Line number: MUST BE BLANK

5. Credit Note - Additional Information

  • Add any Notes or Attachments as required
  • Click "Discard" if you want to stop creating a CN
  • Click "Save as draft" if you want to save the Credit Note and resume later
  • Once ready to submit a Credit Note, click Preview first, then resolve issues (if any) and Send a CN

5. Check status

  • You can check your document status in the Document Manager
  • Click on a document to view it

6. Credit Note status updated on the document

The current status of the document is visible on the Top right corner of the Credit Note too.