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    Are my documents safe with Tradeshift?

    1083 10 Created on 2016-10-11 21:04:20; Last updated on 2023-02-03 08:55:38

    Tradeshift is a true multi-tenant platform. Each company on Tradeshift corresponds to a "tenant" and is a separate administrative unit, with its own users, storage, localizations, and API access controls. All data is mirrored in real-time. Documents (e.g., invoices, purchase orders, etc.) reside in the tenant store of each business, and there is strong isolation between the message stores of individual tenants or businesses. Accounts on Tradeshift are logically isolated using a security group mechanism, with no sharing of account data. Users have access to their accounts either through the web user interface ('UI') or through their technical integration interface (API).

    All files and data on the solution are encrypted at rest with industry encryption algorithm standards.  Furthermore, Tradeshift has strict logging and auditing controls in place to ensure the authenticity of origin and process integrity have not been compromised. Your data is distributed over multiple physical locations within the same cloud provider availability zone in Ireland EU, so in the event of a system breakdown, your data is still safe with us.

    As being the data controller, when you send a document to a receiver, a copy of it is created, and it's this copy which is actually sent to the receiver. For example, this means that even if one of your receivers decides to delete a document you sent them, this will have no effect whatsoever on your original document. In short - nobody other than you has access to any of your documents, no matter the situation.

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