The new dashboard gives you a quick overview of your business on Tradeshift and easy access to key features. Take a look!

Dashboard Overview

The Tradeshift Dashboard gathers key data, documents, support, educational resources and access to some of the most used Tradeshift functionalities all in one place. It's a central hub from which Tradeshift users can easily access all of these resour ...

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Dashboard Company widget

The Dashboard’s top bar is referred to as the Company widget, as it includes a number of important company details: The left side of the bar displays the company name, which links to the company profile. Next to this is the tax identifier field, wher ...

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Dashboard Status widget

As indicated by the name, the Status widget displays a number of current statuses, each of which can be clicked to open a relevant app with more information. Each status corresponds to a certain task on Tradeshift or displays information about your c ...

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Dashboard Documents widget

The Documents widget provides an overview of sent and received Tradeshift documents and their statuses (including drafts).However, this overview does not include all documents, but only documents from a certain period of time. The default period is o ...

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Dashboard Create Document widget

The Create document widget makes it easy to create documents from scratch or import them from other systems. It contains the following four elements: The Create document header: Click this to open the Create Documents app, from where a number of docu ...

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