Navigating the platform

This section provides useful information about the basic actions you take to navigate the platform, access your messages, and switch branches

Navigation bar overview

This article provides useful information on the features and functionalities of your navigation bar. This is the menu that appears on your left-hand side once you log in to the Tradeshift platform, and which includes the Tradeshift apps installed and ...

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How to access your messages

This article provides useful details about how you access your in-platform messages from your customers or teammates. The Messages app is Tradeshift's cross-product communication app, which helps you collaborate on documents and tasks, both internall ...

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How to switch company branches

This article explains how to switch between the branches of your company that you have access to. To learn more about branches and legal entities on Tradeshift, please read this guide. To switch between branches, access the Branch Selector app and se ...

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