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    How to check your old support tickets

    1458 3 Created on 2022-07-26 12:06:54; Last updated on 2023-06-28 09:01:41

    This article is about how you can check your older or existing requests to Tradeshift Support.

    Any user (logged-out or logged-in) can contact us to request assistance. However, only logged-in users are able to see and keep track of their previous requests. If you do not have a Tradeshift account yet or are not able to log in, please check your email, as we send out notifications every time your request is updated or changes status.

    If you have a Tradeshift account, this is how you can check your old requests:

    • Log in to the Tradeshift platform.
    • Go to the Support Center and click on the All Tickets button.
    • This will open a page that displays your previous requests, their status, and the dates when they were created and last updated. You can click on each request in order to see the responses from the Tradeshift Support team.

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