Support resources

This section includes information about all the support that is available to you on Tradeshift and the ways in which you can get in touch with us in case of any issues.

How to contact Tradeshift Support

If you are experiencing any technical issues while using Tradeshift, here is how you can contact us and keep track of your support request. Any user (logged-out or logged-in) can request assistance by completing this form. Alternatively, you can also access the form from your customer’s support Lan...

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How to access the Support Chat

Tradeshift offers the possibility to access Support Chat for suppliers via the Create app, under the Create Invoice option. Chat is the best channel to use for low complexity issues such as understanding different error messages on documents or inquiring about a specific document. We suggest you con...

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Tradeshift Basic Troubleshooting Guide

If your account is not working normally or your document transaction is behaving in an unusual way, please be sure to check the Tradeshift Platform Status Page: If no platform disturbances are noted on the Platform Status Page, please try one or more of the below basi...

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How to check your old support tickets

This article is about how you can check your older or existing requests to Tradeshift Support. Any user (logged-out or logged-in) can contact us to request assistance. However, only logged-in users are able to see and keep track of their previous requests. If you do not have a Tradeshift account ye...

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What is the Knowledge Base?

The Knowledge Base is our support and learning center that includes written articles about the Tradeshift platform and features, as well as company-specific articles.  The Tradeshift generic documentation is available under the first section of the left-side navigation panel with the same name, and...

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What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a dedicated customer page that includes important information about interacting with your customers on Tradeshift. Each Enterprise Customer has their own Landing Page hosted on Tradeshift, and maintained by the Tradeshift team in collaboration with the customer team. Landing Pages ...

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