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    How to access the Support Chat

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    Tradeshift offers the possibility to access Support Chat for suppliers via the Create app, under the Create Invoice option. Chat is the best channel to use for low complexity issues such as understanding different error messages on documents or inquiring about a specific document. We suggest you continue to use the Assistance functionality and create a ticket with Support for higher complexity issues, as it is the best channel to resolve such matters. For a step-by-step guide on how to create a ticket with Support, please access this article.

    In order to access Chat, please follow the steps below:

    • Access the Create app and choose the Create Invoice option.
    • Note: Chat is also available once you have flipped a Purchase Order. Please access this process guide to learn how to convert (flip) a Purchase Order into an invoice.

    • Access the Chat Bubble at the bottom right of the page.
    • A Chat panel will open and you will receive a welcome message.
    • Describe your issue to the Chat agent including as many details as possible.
    • Once the issue is resolved via Chat or a ticket is created for you, you will be prompted to give a rating within the Chat panel.

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