What is Tradeshift? Why is HSBC Group using it? Find your answers here!

How long does it take to register on the Tradeshift network/portal?

The Tradeshift registration process takes less than 5 minutes for suppliers with an approved and valid HSBC Group relationship....

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How will I receive Purchase Orders* after I join the Tradeshift network/portal?

Suppliers will receive the same Purchase Order in two ways:  Via the Tradeshift Network - where the purchase order has to be turned into an invoice using the PO flip method (conversion of the approved PO's into a correlating invoice) Via email from HSBC Group's Procurement system Oracle Fusion - a P...

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Do we need to agree to Tradeshift’s Terms and Conditions?

Yes this is part of the accounts set up. They can be reviewed here:

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Will training be necessary to use the network/portal?

Tradeshift is a user friendly and intuitive portal. User guides and the Knowledge Base in Tradeshift Network Documentation will provide the required level of information....

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Is it mandatory to use Tradeshift for invoicing HSBC Group?

HSBC Group is moving to full electronic purchase to pay processing globally and has partnered with Tradeshift on this global initiative which enables suppliers to receive Purchase Orders and send Invoices electronically via the Tradeshift platform. This is a free service for all HSBC Group's supplie...

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How do I register on the Tradeshift platform?

Welcome! This guide will show you what to do when your customer invites you to join Tradeshift. You may have already received information from your customer regarding their pending use of Tradeshift for invoicing or document exchange. In this case, please do not create an account on you...

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How do I check for (and accept) Connections from other HSBC Group branches?

If you have notifications enabled on your account, you will receive an email from Tradeshift every time another company sends you a connection request.  Simply accept the connection request by:1. Clicking on the green Accept button2. Logging into your existing Tradeshift account (Note: If you have...

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Which Legal Entities are in scope for each country?

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