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Welcome! Exciting things are happening

HSBC Group is moving to full electronic Purchase to Pay processing globally so our suppliers can receive Purchase Orders and send invoices electronically with an e-invoicing platform powered by Tradeshift!

What is the benefit of Tradeshift for HSBC Group Suppliers?
  • Visibility to you of the real time status of an invoice during its lifecycle
  • Easy Setup - No installation of hardware or software required
  • Real-time Validation of invoice accuracy
  • Public Profiles & Network - Promote your business, products and services
  • Best news of all, this is a free service for all our suppliers – No set up or transaction fees
  • NEW: HSBC Suppliers are now having real value from day one with Tradeshift Engage.
    You will get free access to a dashboard view of your transactions paired with data from Tradeshift network. Invoices, POs, Invoice status – it’s all here. More and better information.

We are committed to supporting you in making this transition as easy and pain-free as possible.

What do Suppliers need to do? - Please wait for an activation email from Tradeshift before getting started. Please do not join the network prior to receiving an activation link otherwise the account you have created will be set up incorrectly.

To help with the transition, follow these 4 steps. Together with Tradeshift, we will ensure you have the right support and a smooth journey.

Important: Only invited suppliers can access this platform. If you haven’t received your invitation yet please contact your business contact.
Both HSBC Group and Tradeshift look forward to working with you on this exciting new initiative.
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3 Methods for Sending Invoices via Tradeshift

Tradeshift has made it possible and easy for any business to invoice their customers - no matter the invoice volume. Depending on the volume of invoices you send, we recommend the following options:


The ‘PO flip’ method
HSBC Group preferred method - not available in Germany
This method reduces invoice to PO matching errors
HSBC Group will be delivering all Purchase Orders via the Tradeshift Platform. These can be turned into an invoice and returned to HSBC Group via the platform. All relevant information from the Purchase Order is automatically retained during the flip process for speed and accuracy.


The 'Web Interface' method
For low volume invoices
HSBC Group Suppliers can key and submit invoices directly into Tradeshift
This method should be considered for invoices not related to HSBC Group Purchase Orders.


The ‘Integration- file transfer’ method
For large volumes of invoices
For our high-volume suppliers we offer an integration approach to sending and receiving files which means a direct link between their ERP and Tradeshift. You will be contacted by Tradeshift and HSBC Group directly who will work with you to get set up.
We recommend you check the supported EDI formats here with your IT department. 

Invoice Validation Rules

What are validation rules and why are they important?

Validation rules ensure that the vendor provides information in all the required fields. HSBC Group can then process the invoice quickly and efficiently without any unnecessary exceptions or delay.

For HSBC Group Invoice Validation rules, please follow the link here.

Where do I get help?

The Knowledge Base (contained within the Support Center) contains articles and FAQs that will tell you everything you need to know about HSBC Group's project with Tradeshift!

Tradeshift University is Tradeshift’s own e-learning space with video guides in English for everything related to using the platform and its products. It is available for logged-in users only, in the Tradeshift Production environment, by clicking on the University App icon from your left hand panel or the link included above.

HSBC Group will be able to help answer questions about the non-receipt of purchase orders, incorrect purchase order details and invoice payment queries. Please click here to view your regional HSBC Group procurement support contact information.

For self-service suppliers using the Platform solution only:

  • Suppliers based in Singapore & Australia: Please find here the invoicing guide which will be presented in the webinar on the 14th, 16th & 21st March 2023. You can find the recording of one of the sessions here.

For any technical problems when using the application, submit a support request here or once you login, access the Tradeshift Support Chat by following the steps described here. Please be informed that the Tradeshift Support Chat is Live Monday to Friday, 3:00am to 11:59pm CET time zone.

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